About Damon Noble:

Drummer, Arranger, Producer. I developed an interest for recording when the band I was drumming in won studio time with a national battle of the bands competition. My band worked hard to promote the events we played and even harder to put on a good show, so when the recording studio did not work as hard as we did I was beyond disappointed. I vowed that I would do my part to not let the same thing happen to other musicians who work as hard for their art as I do.


What I do:

Bridging home and contemporary studio recordings I achieve comfort and quality for the artist while staying on budget and schedule. From pre-production, recording, editing, mixing and mastering I am capable of handling any and all aspects of recording. No project is too big or small, too simple or too complicated, it is what we make it.

Based in Toronto, I am able to record, meet and converse with individuals and bands so I can work as closely with them as possible so not to disturb their vision and to achieve the best possible final product. I also welcome international artists who would like me to mix/master (whatever it is) their songs. 

For rates and availability or more info email me at info@damonnoble.com